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Quality Control

ISO 9001-2008 certification, ERP application, guidelines and standards, Business Social Compliance Initiative, GS1 article database and EDI

Quality Management System: ISO 9001:2008

D. P. Factory BV just want satisfied customers and employees, which is why quality and safety has our focus.

To be a quality organization we have our own quality management system that is also ISO 9001-2008 certified by TUV.

Not only for the certificate, but to work on customer satisfaction, actively use effective and efficient working methods and continuous improvements are needed.

Today, a modern business innovation, excellence, learning ability, a well thought out product and service program, requires a flexible adaptation to changed market conditions and customer needs and of course the good quality.

According to the ISO standard, the quality described and this policy should be known to all employees. The organization responsible for increasing customer satisfaction by meeting the demands and requirements of the clients and the legal requirements applicable to the product or service of the organization. In addition, the organization's business and to be able to prove this.

In order to prevent it's just a folder in the cabinet, we have fully implemented ISO-9001-2008 in our ERP application.

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